Colon Hydrotherapy: A Treatment for Constipation or The Immune System?

There is a common myth out there regarding colonics, even among those who receive them. Many people who come to me are under the impression that colonics are merely a treatment for constipation.

They may come in for the first time due to the fact that they are backed up, sluggish, bloated, and fatigued. What they don’t realize is that while they are getting relief from these symptoms, they are clearer and less susceptible to illness and fatigue.

Lets go into this a little bit further.

A colonic is obviously a successful treatment for constipation as it uses the body’s own peristalsis to remove 2-15 pounds of excess waste per session.  But beyond that it is really a treatment for the immune system and overall regeneration of our cells. Therefore, colon hydrotherapy is more a treatment for the improvement of cellular health than constipation.

Have I lost you? Let me explain the logic behind my previous statement.

The colon is the body’s main receptacle bin and primary detox organ. This means that the body dumps the waste generated from digestion and cellular function into the gut. The dead cells our body no longer needs, fecal matter, and toxic waste gets placed into the colon for elimination. The colon is then supposed to be able to release this waste through the bowels so that the rest of the body’s tissue remains healthy and clean.

Clean and healthy are synonymous with each other because in order for a cell to have healthy function it must be free of blockage. Blockage would be in the form of toxic build up that doesn’t get fully eliminated by the bowels. This blockage reduces cellular function.

Basically as we consume foods and come into contact with substances that the body cannot eliminate on its own, the body stores this waste in its tissue in order to keep the toxicity out of the vital organs. Under all circumstances the body will always work to keep its vital organs clear so that it can function without total systems failure.

If the system stored waste in the heart a heart attack would occur right away. An example of this would be arteriosclerosis or plaque of the arteries. When we eat trans fat and cholesterol surges the body cannot process a lot of this stuff so it ends up as gunk on the walls of the veins and arteries causing restricted blood flow, which taxes the heart.

Similarly, Alzheimer’s has been associated with excessive protein deposits in the brain. Where do you think these deposits are coming from?

Now common western thought is under the impression that the colon fully eliminates all poisons on its own as it is designed to do. Under perfect conditions this would be true. Our body is only designed to fully eliminate fruits, vegetables, and their extracted juices.

Any other type of material that is acidic leaves a little residue behind. This is because our body is alkaline and the food ingested is acidic – opposites attract. Acidic foods have a positive charge, while alkaline foods have a negative polarity.

Since our diet is made up of many chemicals, processed foods, and drugs that our body doesn’t have an instruction manual on how to process, the body ends up storing the waste in the fat cells to keep it away from the vital organs. This type of storage system isn’t activated until the colon becomes full and unable to eliminate poison.

When the colon is at full capacity and the waste has nowhere to go it starts poisoning the body so our immune system starts moving the waste around to put it in hiding. It initiates this process by transferring water in and out of the intestinal wall.

The water becomes dirty from mingling with the colon’s uneliminated waste and then passes back through the intestinal wall into the bloodstream. From the bloodstream, the waste gets transferred to other places within the body for safe keeping.

This accumulation generally doesn’t bother people until it becomes so overwhelming that the body weakens, causing toxicity to leak back into the vital organs, which causes disease and worse even death.

Our ability to stay alive is dependent on our ability to regenerate tissue and keep our pathways open. When the pathways of the alimentary canal are stuffed, it creates the environment for cellular clogging to occur. Which is exactly what leads to degenerative disease, it is that simple.

Now how does the colonic come into all of this? You probably already guessed it.

The colonic not only removes the waste clogging the body, but it strengthens the walls of the intestine so that it can eliminate more effectively on its own. When the colon is clean the body and its immune system no longer has to work extra hard to neutralize acids and eliminate or store waste.

Instead the body can turn its energy inward to work on cell regeneration and fighting off pathogens. None of this stuff is really possible when the body’s trying to fight to remove excess waste so that it can stay functional.

This is why it is instinctual for animals and young children to fast when they don’t feel well. They are aware of the fact that their body needs to focus its blood supply and energy on healing and cannot focus on assimilating new nutrients at that time.

A colonic is merely a treatment utilized to engage and enhance the body’s natural healing and cleansing instinct which is at the heart of cell regeneration and health. When the colon is clear the body can maintain its health, which strengthens your immune system.