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The Benefits of Raw Foods

I’m sure you have heard the buzz surrounding raw foods.  The way I look at raw food, and the way that I think that everyone should look at it is as a “tool.”  Raw food is enzymatic, healing, and cleansing.

It works best in certain amounts in an individual’s diet in order to help “clean out” old waste.  Since raw food is quite literally “alive,” it creates motion in the body. What I mean by motion is that it wakes up old waste and toxicity that has been lying dormant within the intestine and cells.

The raw roughage “sweeps” the walls of the intestine, which kicks up the old waste that is stuck on the sides and pushes it through for elimination.  Since raw food is also very hydrating, it brings more moisture into the body, which helps soften dried waste, making that waste more mobile.

Our bodies (especially the colon) acts as a dehydrator by taking our moisture rich food and sucking water out of it to make it more compact.  When the food we are consuming is already dry and dead, it becomes dry to the point of becoming immobile and getting stuck in our pathways.

When raw foods and juices come into contact with the dry toxicity, the waste reabsorbs moisture, gets bigger, and starts to move up and out of the canals.  It is through this process that cleansing takes place. It is through this process that our tissues get cleaner and our cells get stronger, creating a healthier, more vibrant, and leaner you.

So remember, weight = waste (best put by my teacher Natalia Rose) when you eliminate the waste you will eliminate excess weight and unwanted symptoms.

The reason I mentioned that raw food works best in specific amounts based on the individual is because raw foods, especially of the water dense variety, can wreak havoc on a body that isn’t prepared to deal with the copious amounts of waste that large quantities of raw food will drudge up.

For every ounce of toxicity that the diet awakens our elimination organs must keep up and flush it out of the body.  Depending on the strength, age, and health condition of the individual, the amount of waste the organs can flush at a time will vary.

Healthier people can cleanse more rapidly than people who have impaired health.  Figuring out the level of raw food that fits best with your psychology and physiology is the key to eating towards a healthier self.

The elimination step of cleansing described above is just as important as eating the healthy food in the first place.  Awakened toxicity can be dangerous and cause many symptoms if it is left to settle back into the tissues.

This is known as auto-intoxication.

While I believe that everyone and anyone can handle some amount of enzymatic food in their diet, radical tissue cleansing isn’t for most people.  Therefore, my mission with Eating Works is to help people at all levels, from those who are just starting to look at their health and want to make small changes, to those people who have been dedicated to the cleansing lifestyle for years.

Heath and life are not a race.  Everyone comes to this work in his or her own time and at his or her own level.   I hope that I can make this journey a little more delicious and satisfying for you.

Food Combining

Food combining is a systematic way of eating that helps support the body’s elimination process by making digestion easier and quicker.  This is done by pairing foods together in meals that digest at similar rates of time and are broken down by the same types of enzymes.

By doing this we speed up our transit time and as a result our metabolism speeds up too.  Dozens of people who have sworn to me that they have been plagued with a slow metabolism were astonished by how quickly they started digesting food and losing weight just by utilizing easy food combinations.

This topic leads into my next take away: eating light to heavy.

Eating Light to Heavy

Old School Food Models, Calories, and Nutritional Values – In this day and age we have literally been trained to think of foods in terms of their calorie content above all other standards of measurement.  The nutritional community tends to look at foods in terms of their makeup of macro-nutrients and their specific vitamin, mineral, and phyto-nutrient counts.

While these methods of measurement seem to have provided people with a gauge in which to measure their diet, to me it is not only contrived, but unsustainable.  I believe that calories are an insufficient measure of the quality of food we take in.  The calories in/calories out method of weight management doesn’t generally work since it doesn’t take into account the body’s ability to burn off waste.

For example: When I was anorexic I would eat 500 calories a day, run 4-7 miles per day, and ride one to two horses for an hour each, and I simply gained weight or remained the same.  In terms of the caloric model I was worshiping at the time, I should have wasted away.

But since my body’s mechanisms were all clogged and I was toxic and weak, my body simply couldn’t push out waste, which resulted in my stagnant metabolism, and edema riddled body.

Furthermore, while looking at foods in terms of their nutritional makeup is great for balancing out a lack or surplus of any certain nutrient such as B vitamins or Iron, measuring out foods in order to get complete amounts of nutrients is really difficult.  People generally start on these plans and fall off of them quickly because they are unsustainable and unnatural.

Digestive Health – One of the biggest keys to a lean healthy body and a happy mind is a well working digestive system.  Most people struggle with impaired digestion, because they are not eating properly.

By either consuming too much food or substances that can’t break down, people gum up and acidify their system.  By balancing the intestinal flora and eating real whole foods in a context that makes sense with our day to day life is the first step towards a balanced digestive system.  Once you regain control over your digestion the rest of the world is yours, anything from clear skin to weight loss to quelling anxiety and depression.

Colon Hydrotherapy – There are a lot of misconceptions and fear around colonics.  Here I would like to briefly define what a colonic is.  For more information about the semantics of colonics, please visit my Colon Hydrotherapy center’s website by clicking the link here.

The biggest misconception about colonics is that they are a treatment for constipation.  While they are used with much success to treat constipation, it is actually a treatment that is meant to support the immune system.

By removing anywhere from two to fifteen pounds of mucoidal plaque, bacteria, parasites, and waste, we are basically taking some of the burden off of the immune system so that it can focus on healing the areas of our bodies that need it the most instead of it having to clear out all of that waste first.

It also creates space in the body for more clearing to take place.  Since our cells release toxicity into the elimination organs during the healing process, the skin, colon, and lymph can become overloaded with the amount of waste.

By taking out the excess waste we are allowing our body to dig deeper.  Thus cleansing further and further into the past and therefore continually improving tissue quality and regenerating.  Simply put, a colonic is merely something to be used as a tool in order to help clear out some of the waste that has been awakened through diet.

The Roll Inflammation Plays – When most people think of inflammation they think of a swollen ankle or some other joint that has happened as a result of a traumatic injury.  While this is the most obvious form of inflammation and the one that we grew up hearing about as a child,  the truth is that inflammation is a chronic problem that spreads far beyond simple swelling.

Doctors have recently noted inflammation as the leading cause of disease.  While the scientific community still hasn’t identified the exact cause of inflammation, I know that certain foods act as irritants in the body and result in either causing inflammation or making it worse.

Therefore, I believe in addressing inflammation early on in the healing process and to avoid taking in substances that feed into that inflammation.  Generally, highly acidic foods such as meat and very dense foods such as cheese and nuts will cause inflammation and increased mucus production.

In turn, inflammation of the digestive system causes a slew of symptoms including constriction of the intestine, which generally leads to poor absorption and constipation.  All precursors to a marred of other diseases, aging, and weight gain.

Once we begin to combat the inflammation we can start to regain our health again.  My recipes are meant to not only help reduce inflammation, but to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Food and Dietary Labels – While I may use dietary labels such as Raw, Vegan, Vegetarian and Paleo in order to help provide clarity around recipes, ultimately I do not believe in food labels.  I beleive that we should eat in whichever way works best for us as individuals and not to try to augment our diets to fit into a system of ideologies that we would like to identify with.

The truth is that when you place a limit on yourself you are saying no to more than you are saying yes to. Not to mention that placing a label on ones self can cause anxiety and eating that is fueled by vanity, a lack of identity, or even politics.

So while one’s diet may be 95% raw or highly vegan, calling oneself vegan is only going to create an air of guilt surrounded by the notion of cheating if you were to eat something that went against the grain of whichever label you were currently prescribing to.

Because our bodies ultimately tell us what they want us to eat, it just isn’t fair to place it in a box where may not thrive forever.  Furthermore, since our bodies are literally changing every second, (we are never in the same body twice) what works for you now may not work in a few years or even in the few weeks to come.

Even if being vegetarian has worked for you in the past and you are feeling like you need some animal products, then you should be able to approach that adjustment to your diet from a place of honesty.  That can only come from losing your ego and loving yourself for who you are right now.

So please don’t feel pressure to fit the vegan, the raw, or food combining ideologies when they may or may not be right for you.  All I ask is that you come to the table without judgment of yourself or others and you will be guaranteed to improve your health and the lives of those around you.