Shiitake Mushroom Substitute 

You can substitute Shiitake Mushrooms with Portobello, Dried Shiitake, porcini, oyster or cremini mushrooms.

Porcini Mushrooms Porcini mushrooms are commonly used in European cooking. So they work well as a substitute for shiitake mushrooms for Italian and American recipes. They’re hardy and have an intense earthy/nutty flavor which is similar to shiitake.

Dried Shiitake Dried shiitake are one of the best substitutes for shiitake mushrooms because they’re essentially the same. They last much longer in storage than their fresh counterparts and you can essentially cook with them the same way.

Portobello Mushrooms In my opinion, portobellos are the best substitute for shiitake mushrooms because of their flavor, availability, affordability, taste, and versatility.

Cremini Mushrooms Cremini are slightly older than button mushrooms when they’re picked so their flavor is more intense than their closely related cousins.

Oyster Mushrooms  Oyster mushrooms are a true delicacy! Since their flavor is so mild they can replace shiitake mushrooms.

White Button Mushrooms White button mushrooms are the easiest kind of mushroom to buy in the store and are usually the cheapest. Since they’re similar in size to shiitake mushrooms you can substitute them out

Lobster Mushrooms Lobster mushrooms are among the rarest. If you can’t find shiitake then the chances of finding lobster mushrooms are slim to none.

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