Simple and Tasty BLT sides


Cajun Corn Salad

This Cajun Corn Salad makes a tasty side dish with more zest and spice than your traditional veggies.


KFC Coleslaw Copycat Recipe

This KFC coleslaw is very easy recipe to make and the perfect side dish to whip up quickly if you are pressed for time; however, the list of simple ingredients may surprise you.


Easy vegtable Soup Recipe

This hearty vegetable beef soup recipe is easy to make! A great choice soup that is a perfect match to your BLT.


Homemade Potato Chips

Making your own Homemade Potato Chips from scratch is easier than you think and so rewarding.


Everything Bagel Rye Crackers

So thin, crispy, and all the flavor of your favorite bagel, these Everything Bagel Rye Crackers are one of the best healthy sides for BLTs.


Green pea soup

A healthy green pea creamy soup that quickly comes together.


Ham and Pea Salad 

This easy ham and pea salad is the perfect creamy salad side dish. Its one of those delicious salads that is one of the tastiest sides to any deliciou BLT.


Marinated Potato Salad

Marinated Potato Salad is a delicious alternative to the classic side dish traditional potato salad.


Morrocan carrot Salad

This Moroccan Carrot Salad With Lemon Dressing is a tasty and quick side dish. It is a great option to serve with with a good BLT.


Gluten-free tomato soup

This tomato soup is creamy delicious and full of savory flavor.