The Ultimate Guide to Sunflower Sprouts 

 What Are Sunflower Sprouts? Sunflower sprouts are the young shoots (up to 12 days old) that grow out of recently germinated sunflower seeds. They’re excellent sources of proteins vitamins and minerals.

Sprouts can be grown and harvested from almost any type of vegetable including alfalfa, broccoli, barley, peas, lentils, beans, carrots etc. Simply put, sprouts are baby plants.

What Do Sunflower Sprouts Taste Like? Sunflower sprouts are the best tasting sprout there is because they don’t taste overly “green” in contrast they’re sweet, crunchy and nutty!

What Do Sunflower Sprouts Look Like? Sunflower sprouts are the cutest thing! They have two oval shaped green leaves that sprout out of the top in opposite directions that look like two pages of a book that is laying open.

How to eat sunflower sprouts: Sunflower Shoots are best eaten raw but they can also be lightly sautéed. Health food advocates like to eat sprouts in a salad or wrap.

What Kind Of Seeds Do You Need To Grow Sunflower Sprouts? The first thing you’ll need to grow sunflower sprouts are the right type of sunflower seeds called Unshelled Black Oil Sunflower Seeds. 

Can You Use Bird Food To Grow Sprouts? Black Sunflower Seeds are often sold as bird food. It isn’t recommended to use sunflower seeds from bird food for sprouting because they are treated with funguziseds.

What Kind of Soil Do you Need to Grow Sunflower Sprouts? Organic potting mix is the best soil to use. If you want to use another medium to grow sunflower sprouts you can use vermiculite or coco Peet mats.

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