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Maren Epstein is a health supportive chef with a degree from the Natural Gourmet Institute which is apart of the Institute of Culinary Education and a bachelor’s Degree from Drew University. She specializes in developing diets and recipes for gut health that are Gluten Free. Maren’s recipes are also predominantly Plant Based, Paleo, Vegan, Soy Free, Dairy Free. All of her recipes are designed to support those on anti-inflammatory and gluten free diets. She has published food pieces in The New York Daily News and The Independent along with many recipes for Mashed, Healthline, Tasting Table and more. 

Maren has had a lot of experience in the alternative health field as a Certified Colon Hydrotherapist. She has a private practice in New Jersey and Brooklyn NY called H20:Flow.

Maren Has studied and received certifications from various alternative health schools including.

, Maren

My Personal Story

When I was younger I struggled with ill health and an eating disorder.  By forging my own path into the unknown world of nutrition based health I was able to debunk the myths that surrounded and suppressed my state of well being.

During my first year of college I began experiencing an array of alarming symptoms that the medical community didn’t seem to have many good answers for.

I had PMDD, IBS, weak immunity, and Migraine headaches that resulted in spots in the gray matter of my brain.  The doctors drummed it all up to an autoimmune disease and gave me epilepsy medication.

The long and the short of it is that this didn’t work.  I kept slipping down and became depressed because I felt like I had no control over my life.

It was from there that I decided to start on my own path.  I noticed that foods effected my symptoms and that I felt better when I wasn’t eating certain foods and that my symptoms went away briefly when my intestines were working well.

I decided to explore the link between the intestines and the rest of the body and how food supported or impeded this result.  Unsurprising to me I realized that the entire body is linked to the success of our gut.  And that the success of our gut is linked directly to the foods we eat and how we eat them.

I started reading as much about radical tissue cleansing and raw foods that I could.  I read the works of the greats including Arnold Eret, Norman Walker, Bernard Jensen, Natalia Rose, Neal Bernard MD, Annemarie Colbin, and more.

These books lead me to a path of cleaner eating and cleansing.

While I did a lot of exploration on my own I was guided by the Cleansing Expert Gil Jacobs and Author Natalia Rose.  After years of working on my own health I regained the strength and clarity that I haven’t had since early childhood.

My migraines, IBS, PMDD, weak immune system, and depression all went away.  IT was as though with each bite of cleansing food I was helping my body unload the burdensome toxicity of my path that was making me sick.

This revolution made me realize that I did not only want to use this divine knowledge to continue helping myself, but to empower others to take control of their lives.

It was then that I decided to become a Nutritionist and Colon Hydrotherapist.  I went to the Natural Healing Institute and Woods Hygienic Institute.  From there I went to work for Gil Jacobs and continued to learn under his careful guidance.

After Some time with Gil I felt compelled to open up my own practice in New York.  For the past five years I have been there guiding 100’s of people towards self empowerment through informed choices about food and their bodies.

This work has been deeply gratifying and eye opening for many people.  But being the restless soul and knowledge seeking person that I am I decided that it was time to dive deeper into the theories that I was working with.

That is why I decided that I needed to go to Culinary School.

Not just any culinary school.  I wanted to find a program that didn’t only teach traditional cooking techniques, but one that taught cooking in a health supportive manner.  This is what lead me to the Chef Certification Training at the Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan.

It was at this school where I learned how to synthesize beautiful and healthful recipes based on the simple and powerful theories that I have been living my life by for the last 9 years.

Finally, I was not only able to help people figure out what to eat for their bodies, but how to make these things taste amazing.  Not only bring health back to the individual, but the happiness that comes from being psychologically satisfied with the food that they are eating.

So my new message is that one does not have to live like a monk to be thin, beautiful, and healthy, but just needs to make key simple changes that have lasting impact in the way they are eating.

That is why I have created this platform to share life changing cleansing and nutritive theory and to further execute these theories through the practice of food knowledge and recipes.

So welcome to Eating Works and thank you for being here with me!

Maren Epstein

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