Your Guide For Detoxing for Gut Health!

Eating Works Mission Statement
eating works mission statement

Eating Works teaches you how detoxification can be used to heal your gut.  Since most of our immune system lives in our gut lining, by healing your gut you can improve health over all.

Learn How to Detox For Gut Health and More

By practicing the lifestyle principals of detoxification, that you can heal your digestive system.  And that healing your digestive system you will automatically trigger your immune system to start regenerating your body.  Allowing you to see positive changes in your quality of life.  Our clients experience changes such as, remission from autoimmune disorders, weight-loss, decrease in constipation, bloat, ibs and more.

Along with posting delicious and beautifully photographed recipes, I address topics that pertain to cleansing principals such as food combining, raw/cooked foods, skin brushing, sweating, etc.  All with the goal to teach you how to improve your gut health, for better digestion and healing of chronic health issues.

I will teach you how to detox in a way that is sustainable for everyday living.  By teaching you how to enjoy eating out and cook delicious recipes.  As a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute, I have a strong focus on cooking for digestive health.  Gut health issues such as constipation, lack of nutrient absorption, IBS, Celiac, and Candida, can be remedied through recipes, lifestyle, colon-hydrotherapy, and culinary techniques.

Our Mission At Eating Works

Our mission at eating works is to teach modern women how to utilize the natural laws of healing to empower them to take control of their health.

Ultimately, Eating Works is an interactive soundboard designed with your success in mind.  We will ensure that  you feel confident taking control of your health and your future. If even one person makes a healthful change in their diet based on their findings here I would consider my mission to be accomplished.

Where Should You Start? Check out These Articles Outlining our Core Principles of Detoxification for Gut Health and Healing.

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Work with Me! 

I work with a select clients who need meal plans designed for improved health, acid reflux, IBS, constipation, Candida Overgrowth Etc.  I am very specific about who I work with.  I only take on clients I can help.  Check out my free training here  to learn my top five secrets to healing your digestive system and to see if my programs are right for you!