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Is Sucralose Keto Friendly and Low Carb? (Splenda)

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Is Sucralose keto friendly and low carb? Can you eat Splenda on a keto diet? or will putting Splenda in your morning coffee kick you out of ketosis? Read for the answers!

photo of sucralose on a spoon with text is sucralose keto friendly and low carb?

This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no cost to you. See my Affiliate Disclosure to read my policy and more about affiliate links.

Table of Contents

Sucralose seems keto friendly at first glance. Sucralose is a chemically processed sugar product that has zero calories. It’s often marketed as a zero calorie sweetener that doesn’t spike insulin or raise blood sugar levels.

Is Sucralose Keto Friendly?

This is only half true. Sucralose only raises blood sugar levels in people who are not used to consuming it. Since sucralose can increase blood sugar levels it can trigger insulin production. Once insulin is present the body will use it to convert sugar to energy. This process uses carbs as fuel and not fat. As long as the body is using carbs as fuel ketosis is not possible.

However, small amounts of sucralose won’t raise blood sugar substantially enough to kick you out of ketosis. So small amounts of sucralose are OK for keto.

Ultimately sucralose isn’t keto friendly not only because it can potentially raise blood sugar but because of the negative side effects associated with it’s consumption.

Side Effects Associated with Sucralose Consumption

Sucralose has been shown to inhibit bacteria growth in studies. This effect alters the gut microbiome by killing off good and bad bacteria in the intestine and preventing further reproduction. This good bacteria plays a vital role in our immune system.

If the gut microbiome is compromised by sucralose consumption (Splenda’s main ingredient) then dysbiosis in the gut microbiome will occur. Deficits in healthy bacteria in the gut are commonly associated with increased tissue inflammation.

When sucralose is heated above 248 degrees F it can degenerate into chemical compounds dangerous to human health. You should never bake with sucralose. Monk fruit crystals work better for zero calorie baked goods.

How Many Carbs are in Splenda?

One packet of Splenda has 1 gram of carbs. The main ingredient in Splenda is sucralose which is zero calorie and carbohydrate free. But Splenda also uses a small amount of the carbs dextrose and maltodextrin as a bulking agent which do contain some carbohydrates and calories. One packet of Splenda has 3 calories.

Does Sucralose Stop Ketosis?

For people who consume fake sugar often, sucralose will not stop ketosis because it has zero carbs in it. While sucralose won’t kick you out of ketosis, I don’t recommend using it as a staple on a keto diet. Sucralose will still trigger insulin to release in people not used to consuming it which could cause your body to bypass using ketones for energy.

For the record, sucralose is the carb free main ingredient in Splenda, but Splenda is also made with the carbs maltodextrin and dextrose. So one packet of Splenda has 1 gram of carbs in it.

While the amounts are negligible it’s still something to consider.

Is Splenda (Sucralose) Gluten Free?

cup of zero calorie sweeteners including splenda with text that says Is Splenda gluten free?

Yes Splenda is gluten-free. But it isn’t recommended for people with celiac disease because it negatively effects the gut microbiome and leads inflammation and abdominal pain. Safer zero calorie gluten-free sweeteners include raw stevia and monk fruit crystals.

Is Sucralose OK on Keto?

A tiny bit of sucralose is O.K. on keto but I wouldn’t use much of it. A healthy keto diet is comprised of clean ingredients. Sucralose is a highly processed form of sugar that replaces the oxygen hydrogen groups with chlorine atoms.

Does Sucralose Spike Insulin?

Yes, studies have suggested that sucralose will spike insulin in people who are not used to consuming it. Products made from sucralose, including Splenda are marketed as zero calorie sweeteners that don’t spike insulin. But don’t trust everything you read. One study showed that sucralose spiked blood sugar levels by 14% in obese individuals who don’t regularly consume Splenda (sucralose).

If you have diabetes and are not used to eating sucralose, don’t start. Eating sucralose could lead to a spike in blood sugar and serious health problems.

Does Sucralose Affect Ketone Levels?

Studies show that sucralose will raise blood sugar levels in people who aren’t used to eating it up to 14%. The increase in blood sugar levels from consuming sucralose (Splenda) triggers insulin release. Insulin is responsible for converting sugar to energy.

If your body spikes insulin it will convert sugar to energy and bypass the need for ketones. Ketones are used for energy when the glycemic stores are low (no sugar (carbs) is available to make energy so the body must burn fat in the form of ketones.

Is Stevia or Splenda Better for Keto?

Stevia is much better for keto then Splenda! Splenda still has the potential to raise your glycemic index while stevia does not. Not to mention that Splenda is made from Sucralose which is highly processed and associated with negative side effects. Some of these adverse effects include a weakening of the immune system and destruction of healthy bacteria in the gut and chronic inflammation.

There are no negative health side effects associated with stevia. Stevia is a great clean keto friendly sweetener while sucralose is a dangerous chemical compound often associated with adverse side effects.

What Can I Put In My Coffee on Keto?

Nothing makes you crave a cup of coffee more than a low carb diet. If you’re new to a keto diet you may ask yourself, “What can I put in my coffee on keto?” This topic is divided into two sections, safe creamers and keto friendly sweeteners.

What Milk Can I Put In My Coffee On Keto?

Some low carb and low sugar milks you can use on keto include:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Almond Milk
  • Hemp Milk

My favorite brands of keto friendly coffee creamer is the almond milk creamer by Califia Farms

Which Sweetener Can I Put In My Coffee On Keto?

Two healthier zero calorie sweetener that won’t raise your glycemic index includes monk fruit crystals and stevia. My favorite brands are:

Aspartame Vs. Sucralose

Both aspartame and sucralose are artificial sweeteners but they are made differently. Sucralose is real sugar that has added chlorine compounds. Aspartame is made with amino and aspartic acids and phenylalanine. Both aspartame and sucralose have bulking agents in them including maltodextrin to make them look more like sugar.

  • Both aspartame and sucralose are associated with adverse side effects like adominal discomfort.
  • Aspartame is associated with increased cancer risk.
  • Aspartame is dangerous for anyone with the condition phenylketonuria since it has phenylalanine in it.

Is Sugar Free Jello Keto?

blueberry sugar free jello on a plate with mint leaves

“Is sugar free jello keto?” The answer depends on who you’re talking to. Some people just care about whether or not a food will satisfy their cravings while allowing them to stay on their low carb diet. Others who take a more holistic approach to keto and are doing it for health reasons will have a different opinion.

All-in-all regular sugar free jello is highly processed. Some of the sweeteners used to make it have an even higher glycemic index than regular sugar. Natural brands of sugar free jello use Stevia which won’t raise your glycemic index. On top of that there are plenty of brands that use chemical sweeteners that won’t raise your blood sugar, but will cause other symptoms.

Ultimately I don’t think a box of sugar free jello here or there will ruin your keto goals, but I wouldn’t rely on it as a ketogenic dietary staple. In my opinion traditional sugar-free jello is not keto because it’s not clean. A keto diet is made up of clean ingredients, not only low carb high fat foods.

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