22 Vegan BBQ Recipes

pictures of recipes from vegan bbq round up collage

22 Vegan BBQ Recipes – For Summer

Here are 22 Vegan BBQ Recipes for you to try this summer. Even vegans like to barbecue!  It almost sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?  When I think of a barbecue I think of hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs etc.  A literal meat fest with nigh a vegetable in sight.  Aside from some sugary coleslaw and roasted corn with butter.

Every summer I always eat before I go to a BBQ.  There really aren’t a lot of options for vegans at a BBQ.  So I thought, why not have a vegan BBQ recipe round up?  I mean everyone loves BBQ sauce.  So why not a vegan BBQ sauce recipe?  Most grilled vegetables are over cooked, burned or greasy.  Hardly fodder for any plant based, vegan or person on a healing diet.

With Memorial Day just a few weeks away.  And with restaurants still closed due to COVID-19 most of us will be dining at home.

So I wanted to share these vegan BBQ recipes to inspire you to fall in love with barbecuing again.  I’m grateful to the bloggers who shared their work with me so that I could put this vegan recipe round up together for you.

Is BBQ Healthy

Clients always ask me “Is BBQ healthy?”  There is absolutely no reason why a BBQ shouldn’t be healthy.  It’s just a matter of what you serve.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration here…  I hope you enjoy these vegan barbecue recipes.

Is BBQ Sauce Vegan?

Is BBQ sauce vegan?  Well it depends on the recipe.  Believe it or not most of them are.  They just happen to be loaded onto non-vegan recipes.  These vegan BBQ sauce recipes are on the healthier side because they exclude soy.  Soy is a mucus forming food.

Vegan BBQ Sauce Recipes

#1 Healthy Vegan BBQ Sauce (refined sugar free)

Healthy barbecue sauce you can actually feel good about slathering on all your favorite foods! It’s thick and tangy, with a hint of smoke and spice, and made from wholesome ingredients.

jar of vegan bbq sauce on cutting board

vegan bbq sauce recipe from My Quiet Kitchen

#2 Easy Homemade Vegan BBQ Sauce

Easy and delicious homemade vegan barbecue sauce has less sugar than store bought and you can customize the heat to suit your taste

jar of vegan bbq sauce with spoon

Vegan BBQ Sauce by Veganosity

#3 Easy Homemade BBQ Sauce

Never buy bottled BBQ sauce again! This homemade BBQ sauce is not only easy, but healthy too. It’s gluten-free, vegan, and can be sugar-free, made with pure ingredients and spices. The perfect coating, spread, dip, rub, or marinade for all your healthy cooking or grilling needs!

glass jar filled with vegan bbq sauce

Easy Homemade Vegan BBQ Sauce by Strength and Sunshine

#4 Sriracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce

It’s easy and cheap to make vegan barbecue sauce at home! This roasted garlic sriracha BBQ sauce takes umami flavor to the next level.

jar of vegan bbq sriracha and roasted garlic bbq sauce

Saracha and Roasted Garlic BBQ Sauce from Yup its Vegan

Grilled Vegetable Recipes for a Vegan Barbecue

#5 Grilled Sesame Bok Choy 

Show off your grilling skills with this insanely delicious Grilled Sesame Bok Choy. The smokey, charred leaves and tender stalks are the perfect complement to any meal. It’s must make side dish for grilling season.  Perfect for any vegan barbecue.

grilled sesame bok choy from above

Grilled Sesame Bok Choy by The Healthy Home Cook

#6 Grilled Artichoke Hearts

These Grilled Artichokes are the perfect appetizer or side to add to your next barbecue. Tender on the inside, smokey charred marks on the out…it’s insanely good!

vegan bbq grilled artichoke hearts

Vegan BBQ Grilled Artichoke Hearts by The Healthy Home Cook

#7 Grilled Portobello Mushroom Burger

These grilled portobello mushrooms are juicy and satisfying! The perfect burger replacement for a Vegan or Plant-based eater.

a portobello mushroom burger on a bun held in a hand

The best Vegan Portobello Mushroom Burger from My Pure Plates

#8 Grilled Shishito Peppers

Grilled shishito peppers and corn is a beautiful appetizer to serve at your next barbecue.  This easy and healthy recipe is brimming with sweet and spicy flavors. A beautiful appetizer or snack to wow the crowd.

bowl of grilled shishito peppers from above

Grilled Shishito Peppers by Profusion curry

#9 Easy Grilled Vegetable Kabobs

Grilled Vegetable Kabobs are the easiest way to eat a rainbow of delicious veggies during summer. The perfect side dish for your weekend vegan bbq or grill.

vegan bbq grilled veggie kabobs on a gril

Easy Grilled Vegetable Kabobs by My pure plates

BBQ Salads

I think that fresh crunchy salads go well with vegan bbq dishes.  They balance out the flavor of soft, smokey and sweet grilled food with bright, and zesty flavors!

#10 Classic American Vegan Coleslaw

A favorite side dish at any summer bbq or cookout! The Classic American Coleslaw, now made gluten-free, vegan, and top 8 allergy-free! A super easy recipe to whip up ahead of time, served chilled as is, or even use it as a topping in a sandwich!

bowl of vegan coleslaw

Vegan BBQ Classic American Vegan Coleslaw By Vegan Sunshine

#11 French Lentil Salad 

Light and healthy Lentil Salad is protein packed and has great taste!

bowl of lentil salad with avocado

Vegan BBQ French Lentil Salad by Bad to the Bowl

#12 Baby Kale and Black Bean Salad with Guatemalan Hot Sauce Dressing

This salad is so satisfying.  The creamy black beans mix perfectly with the crunch of the baby kale.  The mildly spicy Guatemalan hot sauce dressing adds the perfect amount of brightness and bite!

a bowl of salad

Black Bean and Baby Kale Salad with Guatemalan Hot Sauce Green Dressing from Eating Works

Clean Vegan Burgers and Hot Dogs – nothing processed

#13 Pulled BBQ Carrots 

Shredded carrots and onions are roasted and then smothered in homemade vegan BBQ sauce. The texture and flavor will make you think you’re eating pulled pork!

vegan bbq pulled carrots on a bun with blue background

vegan bbq pulled carrots from Veganosity

#14 Vegan carrot Hot Dogs with Slaw

Nothing says ‘hello’ to beautiful weather as much as when we fire up those grills for a plant-based “Slaw Dog” cookout! You won’t believe the authentic hot dog taste that a simple, well-seasoned marinade creates.

vegan carrot dogs in a hot dog bun topped with sprouts and white sauce

vegan carrot dogs

#15 Pumpkin Seed Vegan Veggie Burgers

When you’re craving a juicy, oil-free, hold it with two hands kind of veggie burger, look no further than this heart-smart, pumpkin seed show stopper. Cooked on the grill or baked in the oven, nothing speaks to your inner hungry person like this satisfying, plant-based, protein-packed wonder.

photo of a vegan veggie burger in a bun with lettuce onion and sprouts

pumpkin seed vegan veggie burger recipe

Other Healthy Vegan barbecue Sauces and Dips

#16 Home-made loaded ketchup

A loaded vegan ketchup full of healthy ingredients with less salt and sugar than store-bought varieties. It’s big on flavor and easy to make.

A bowl of ketchup surrounded by french fries

Loaded Ketchup by My Goodness Kitchen

#17 Vegan Honey Mustard Dip

This vegan honey mustard dip is simple and tangy. It is a great alternative to ketchup as a dip for fries, cauliflower wings, or even other veggies!  I like it drizzled on top of salads at a BBQ.

a bowl of vegan honey mustard sauce over head

vegan honey mustard dip for vegan bbq recipes

#18 Easy Vegan Buffalo Sauce: Perfect for vegan barbecue vegetables! 

This vegan buffalo sauce is spicy and tangy ! It goes great on vegan cauliflower wings or BBQ’d veggies, or simply as a dipping sauce for chips.

picture of buffalo sauce in a bowl from over head and on a burger

#19 Vegan Burger Sauce 

This vegan burger sauce is sure to brighten any vegan’s day at a BBQ!

a burger with cheese sauce

Vegan Burger Sauce by Yum Vegan Lunch Ideas

#20 Easy Coriander Sauce For Everything Served at a Vegan Barbecue 

Coriander (Cilantro) sauce adds a spicy fresh kick to any of your meals! Coriander gives this sauce an intense flavor and deep green color, and fresh green chilies add up the heat. Make this easy sauce ahead of time, store in a tightly sealed glass container and refrigerate to have on hand to serve as a sauce with almost everything. It is an oil-free, Nut-free and Raw vegan sauce.

jar of green coriander sauce

Easy Coriander Sauce For Everything served at a Vegan BBQ by Get Set Vegan

#21 Vegan Tsatsiki Sauce

Who doesn’t love tsatsiki sauce?  This one would go perfectly with my No Bake + Raw Vegan Falafel Balls

bowl of tsatsiki sauce with pita and peppers overhead

Vegan Tsatsiki Sauce from Miss Plantsy Pants

What Should I serve Vegan Children at a BBQ?

Vegan kids are even picker than normal children.  This macaroni salad is sure to impress them.  While I don’t recommend that my female clients eat pasta (since it’s constipating).  It’s the perfect treat for kids.

#22 Vegan Macaroni Salad

a bowl of vegan macaroni salad for vegan bbq

kid friendly vegan macaroni salad

I hope you found some useful recipes to use at your next vegan bbq.  Or if you have a vegan coming to your bbq this summer! If you like any of these recipes let me know on Instagram! #healthyfoodforhappybodies #eatingworks