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56 Best Non Traditional Dinner Ideas For Thanksgiving

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Non traditional thanksgiving dinner ideas recipes continued

The Best Lentil and Mushroom Bake Recipe.

The Best Lentil and Mushroom Bake Recipe

This lentil mushroom bake is a delicious comforting dish, perfect for sharing as a main for thanksgiving- with creamy sweet potato mash and savoury, rich lentil and mushroom base.

It is a must try on your new recipes list of thanksgiving recipes to make for Thanksgiving!

Make easy vegan potato dumplings for a quick dinner. These dumplings are made with potatoes and some spices. Serve them with a creamy mushroom sauce #vegandinner #potatoes #mushrooms #vegandumplings #dumplings

Vegan Potato Dumplings (Traditional German Dumplings)

If want to dry a new potato side dish, try these amazing Vegan German potato dumplings.

They are pretty easy to make and great to serve with gravy or cranberry sauce.

Two plates of vegan pumpkin leek risotto with creamy chunks of pumpkin showing through the arborio rice.

Pumpkin Leek Risotto

Enjoy this rich, creamy and perfectly seasoned pumpkin leek risotto whenever you want a simple but fancy Thanksgiving dinner!

With roasted pumpkin (and pumpkin seeds) and leeks, this is packed with delicious holiday flavors and is vegan and gluten free.

Close up of vegan cottage pie with a TVP, corn, pea and carrot filling with piped sweet potato topping.

TVP Shepherd’s Pie (Vegan)

This flavor-packed vegan Shepherd’s pie uses TVP and lots of veggies. It’s also topped with delicious mashed sweet potatoes!

This main dish pairs excellent with green beans.

5 star vegan mushroom seitan wellington on a cutting board with fresh mushrooms, cranberries and parsley.

5 Star Vegan Mushroom Seitan Wellington

An delicious plant-based roast made of mushrooms, artichoke hearts, cannelini beans, herbs and wheat gluten flour surrounded with a rich and savory mushroom paté baked in a pistachio crust.

This Simple Pumpkin Risotto is a delicious weekend dinner option! It's creamy, full of yummy fall flavors, but is perfect to enjoy year round! #plantbasedonabudget #pumpkin #risotto #vegan.

Simple Pumpkin Risotto

If you’ve been looking for the perfect Thanksgiving dinner party recipe, then you might have hit the jackpot with this pumpkin risotto recipe!

Sweet potatoes layer up nicely into this vegan lasagna dish that's perfect for feeding a crowd or taking to a potluck. | Plant-Based on a Budget #vegan #recipe #lasagna #sweetpotato

Easy Sweet Potato Lasagna

This super easy sweet potato lasagna is amazing and fool proof! It’s incredible full of flavor and a great alternative to sweet potato casserole!

These Stuffed Shells are the ultimate delicious comfort food! Everyone will enjoy this tasty, wholesome meal. #plantbasedonabudget #stuffed #shells #dinner #vegan.

Vegan Stuffed Shells

Vegan Stuffed Shells make the perfect comfort food to make for Thanksgiving!

Pair it with some homemade garlic bread, It’s definitely a vegan baked pasta dish the whole family will love this holiday season.

Non traditional thanksgiving dinner ideas, 56 Best Non Traditional Dinner Ideas For Thanksgiving

Sheet Pan Baked Salmon With Veggies

Sheet pan-baked salmon is a delicious dinner all year round. It is healthy quick and easy to make.

Also the ingredients are quite accessible to everyone making it a very easy recipe to make for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Whole Roasted Cabbage with Potatoes in a Skillet.

Whole Roasted Cabbage

This Whole Roasted Cabbage is one of the most flavorful and festive vegan dishes you can make.

Deliciously spiced, drizzled with lemon zest, and cooked until it’s tender, you’ll love how this main dish turns out.

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