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Is Bud Light Next Gluten Free?

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Is Bud Light Next Gluten Free?

Quick Answer: No, Bud Light Next is technically not gluten free because it is fermented from barley. The fermentation process does not completely get rid of the gluten from the barley.

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While many people with gluten sensitivities or celiac can get away with drinking Bud Light Next it isn’t 100% safe for people who are on a gluten free diet or celiac disease. You can enjoy gluten free beer brands like Buck Wild Pale Ale by Alpenglow Beer Company, Redbridge Lager by Anheuser-Busch or other popular brands.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Is Bud Light Next Gluten-Free

No Bud Light Next is technically not gluten free. However it does have less gluten in it than regular beer because it has been watered down. Furthermore. The manufacturer likely adds enzymes into the final beer. These enzymes digest the excess carbohydrates reducing the amount of net carbs in Bud Light Next to zero grams of carbs.

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Even though there aren’t any carbohydrates in Bud Light Next it isn’t gluten free. Bud Light next is fermented from malted barley just like regular beer. Barley contains gluten.

Furthermore, the fermentation process by which beer is made does not remove all of the gluten from the barley. Distillation on the other hand, does remove all traces of gluten from the alcohol.

The only way to get a real gluten free beer is to buy a beer labeled gluten-free that was fermented from gluten free grains like rice, millet, buckwheat or sorghum.

What Is Bud Light Next

Bud Light Next is a zero carb alcoholic beer made by Anheuser-Busch that contains:

  • 4% alcohol
  • 80 calories
  • 0 grams of sugar
  • 0 grams of carbs

Basically Bud Light Next is an alcoholic version of Bud Zero. It has similar macro nutrients as a hard seltzer with the taste of conventional beer.

What Ingredients Bud Light Next Made From?

  • Water
  • Malt
  • Natural Flavors
  • Rice

In order to determine whether or not Bud Light Next is gluten free we need to have a better understanding of the ingredients. Rice and water are naturally gluten free. Most natural flavors are also gluten free and if they aren’t the amount of gluten in them would be negligible. Malt on the other hand is a bit more complicated.

What is Malt

The term Malt refers to a germinated cereal grain that has been processed with a method called malting. Malting is similar to sprouting. When grains are malted they are forced to germinate by being soaked in water. Once the seeds germinate the grain is then dried to halt the germination process.

Is Malt Gluten Free?

Malt is only gluten free if the grain it was derived from was gluten free.

One of the most commonly malted grains is barley. Barely contains gluten so barley malt is not gluten free. Malt from another gluten free grain such as rice would be gluten free.

What is Bud Zero

Anyone living in the United States knows the beer brand Budweiser, it’s the most popular beer brand in America. To stay current with market trends Budweiser is always coming out with lighter beers like Bud Light and Bud Light Zero.

Bud Zero is a non alcoholic beer that only has 50 calories and 0 grams of sugar. It’s perfect for those who are cutting back on calories but still want to enjoy the taste of a cold beer.

What is Bud Zero Made From?

Before we look at if Bud Zero is gluten free or not let’s take a look at what it’s made from. According to the Budweiser website Bud Zero is made from:

  • Barley
  • Rice
  • Hops
  • Water

Is Bud Zero Gluten Free?

Since Bud Zero is fermented from barley it is not gluten free. Barley contains gluten in it. Since beer is fermented some of the essence of the barley remains in the final fermented beer product. This differs from distilled alcoholic beverages like gin that are gluten free even if they are derived from ingredients that contain gluten. The distillation process completely removes gluten from the alcohol while fermentation leaves some gluten behind.

For a fermented liquor to be gluten free it would need to be made from an ingredient that does not contain gluten like rice or potatoes.

To learn more about why distilled alcohol is gluten free check out this article, “Is Gin Gluten Free?’

Is Gin Gluten Free?

es, gin is considered to be naturally gluten free by the Celiac Disease Foundation even though Gin is typically distilled from grains that contain gluten including barley, wheat and rye. Despite the fact that gin is often made from grains it’s still gluten free because there are zero gluten peptides in distilled alcohol.

So the distillation process gin goes through eliminates any residual gluten from the barley, wheat or rye.

Additionally, some gin is distilled from potatoes. Potatoes are naturally gluten free.

What’s the best gluten-free beer?

two hands holding beer bottles cheering

Luckily there are plenty of gluten-free beers on the market. Here are a list of some that you can buy.

  • Adventure Seires: Vienna Lager
  • Buckwit Belgian
  • Brewinted Red IPA: A Gluten Free Collaboration Beer
  • Beulah Red Ale
  • Big Henry Hazy IPA
  • Faorite Blond Ale
  • Riva Stout
  • Patchy Waters Pumpkin Ale
  • Oreo Cookie Stout
  • Ipswich Ale Brewery
  • James Page Brewery
  • Joseph James Brewing Co.
  • Lakefront Brewery
  • Living the Dream Brewing Company
  • Martin City Brewing Company
  • Minhas Craft Brewery
  • Moonshrimp Brewing
  • Mutantis Brewery: 100% gluten free facility
  • NEFF Brewing
  • New Planet
  • Odd 13 Brewing
  • Otherwise Brewing
  • Ramapo Valley Brewery
  • Red Leaf Gluten-Free Brewing
  • Rolling Mill Brewing Company
  • Sibling Revelry Brewery
  • Sprecher Brewery
  • Steadfast Beer Co.
  • Glutenberg
  • Heathen’s Brewing
  • Helix – Biere Sans Gluten
  • Microbrasserie Nouvelle France
  • Snowman Brewing Co.
  • The Exchange Brewery
  • Whistler Brewing Co.

What Beers Are Less than 20 ppm Gluten?

  • Carlsberg
  • Corona
  • Pilsner
  • Urquell 

Where Can I Buy Bud Light Next?

You can purchase Bud Light Next from your local liquor store six-pack bottle format, or, in 12-pack can package from Total Wine, Walmart, Publix, Whole Foods, Kroger or Target. You can also buy Bud Light Next online from Amazon or via delivery on Amazon Prime.

Common Questions And Answers

Here are the answers to some common questions my readers ask me about light beer and gluten! If you have any questions you would like to ask feel free to shoot me an email or leave a comment below!

Is There Any Alcohol in Bud Light Zero?

No there is zero alcohol in Bud Light Zero. Bud Zero is a non alcoholic beer that only has 50 calories and 0 grams of sugar. It’s perfect for those who are cutting back on calories but still want to enjoy the taste of a cold beer.

Why Bud Light Next is Not Gluten Free

Bud Light Next is not gluten free because it is made from fermented barley. Barley is a gluten containing grain. Since beer is fermented some of the essence of the barley remains in the final fermented beer product. For a fermented liquor to be gluten free it would need to be made from an ingredient that does not contain gluten like rice or potatoes.

Can Celiacs Drink Bud Light?

No people with Celiac cannot drink Bud Light because bud light is fermented from barely which contains gluten.

How Much Gluten Does Bud Light Have?

According to upon being tested Bud Light has less then 5 ppm (parts per million) of gluten by volume. This means that if you don’t have celiac disease or if you are not that sensitive to small amounts of gluten drinking one or two Bud Light Beers may not bother you.

Keep in mind that this test was preformed by an individual who published it on his own website. It’s not suitable for medical advice. But what I can say is that while Bud Light isn’t gluten free, it does not have a lot of gluten in it.

What Kind of Beer is Bud Zero?

Bud Zero is an Missouri- American-Style Lager– 0.0% ABV. It’s An alcohol free brewed beer that tastes similar to Budweiser.

Is Bud Light Next Actually Beer?

Bud Light Next is actual beer. The reason that it has zero carbs is because the final product is watered down. Some beer companies will add enzymes to the finished product to help digest the carbohydrates which will lower the carbohydrate and gluten amounts in light beer.

So yes Bud Light is actually beer because it is made from malted barley. It’s just a watered down version of the real thing.

What Lite beers are gluten-free?

No Light (lite) beers are actually gluten free. While all light beers have less gluten then regular beer simply because light beer is watered down regular beer.

Many light beers do have less then 20 ppm of gluten. But as long as they are fermented from barley they are not entirely gluten free and are therefore not safe for people with celiac to drink.

Some people with celiac disease report that they can drink light beer and remain symptom free while others will have an allergic reaction to light beer. The more sensitive your body is to gluten the more likely you will have adverse side effects from drinking light beer.

Light beer that is labeled gluten free is actually gluten free and safe for people with celiac to consume. Gluten-free beer is fermented from a malted grain that doesn’t contain gluten like malted rice, millet, sorghum or buckwheat.

Is But Light a Gluten Free Beer?

No Bud Light is not a gluten free beer because it’s fermented malted barley which contains gluten.

Is bud light next actually zero carbs?

Yes Bud Light Next actually has zero carbs because the manufacturer adds enzymes to the finished product to digest the excess carbs in the beer. While the Bud Light website doesn’t claim this I know that this is how beer companies reduce the amount of carbohydrates in their low and zero carb beer products.

Does Bud Zero Taste Like Bud?

Unfortunately Bud Zero tastes like a watered down version of a Bud. You’ll still get that fizzy taste but not the full body of a regular beer. You’ll have to try it for yourself to decide if it’s worth drinking or not.

Is Bud Zero Good for You?

Bud Zero is not necessarily good or bad for you. As far as beer goes I would say it’s one of the healthier options since it doesn’t have any carbohydrates or sugar. Not to mention it is watered down. Bud Zero is also not hard on your liver or as inflammatory as regular beer since it is non alcoholic.

Bud Zero is low in gluten but it still has gluten in it. So if you have digestive issues, bloating, gas, candida, autoimmune disorders or celiac disease Bud Zero is not good for you.

I think Bud Zero can be a great healthy alternative to regular beer if you are not sensitive to gluten.

Is There Sugar In Bud Zero?

There is zero sugar in the final product Bud Zero. But you need sugar to feed the yeast that starts the fermentation process that makes beer. So how can beer have zero sugar? It’s simple. When the beer is fermenting the yeast eat the sugar and convert it to alcohol. So a sugary mixture soon turns into an alcoholic and sugar free one.

In other words, while you do need sugar to initiate the fermentation process necessary to turn malted barley into beer, the yeast eat the sugar and convert it to alcohol. So once the fermentation process has finished the mixture no longer has sugar in it.

This is how sweet apple cider will turn to hard apple cider in the fridge. Hard cider is not sweet like apple cider is because the yeast have eaten the sugar and replaced it with naturally occurring alcohol.

Is Bud Light Next Available For Purchase In Canada?

Unfortunately I cannot find any Bud Light Next available for sale in Canada. Right now Bud Light Next is easy to find in the United States.

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