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Broccoli And Celery Frittata With A Warm Salad

Broccoli and Celery Frittata

I’ve always enjoyed the concept of brunch.  I rarely eat in the morning, but for some reason the idea of lazily sitting around noshing on light fare while sipping coffee or green juice has always been appealing to me.

It must be human nature.  Who doesn’t like food and company?

While I’m just not a big morning eater, I still enjoy putting out a good brunch when I host family, or just for Cory when I’m feeling generous (and he agrees to actually eat my food).  I wonder if I’m the only chef who happens to be married to someone who hates food… But that’s another topic.

For those of you who are my clients or have taken my course, you know that I don’t like piling heavy foods into the digestive system first thing in the day, because it causes a premature sluggishness in the gut that can follow you around for the rest of the day.

That is why I like frittatas for brunch.

They are versatile, vegetarian, and quick and easy to make – taking more or less than 6 minutes to cook!  This recipe with the vegetable filling and satisfyingly warm salad only takes about 25 minutes to make.

The other genius healthy trait of the frittata is that it’s lighter than it looks because most of the dish is made up of vegetables and is merely held together by egg.  So with the salad and vegetable frittata, this meal is not only satisfying, but it meets my standard for vegetable content without leaving you feeling dissatisfied.

This meal is also surprisingly perfect for your meat and potatoes crowd.  It is satisfying and delicious; this frittata provides a good bridge between the ladies who eat lightly and the men who want to do nothing but pour sugar on top of starch and slather it in fried sausage.

So everyone wins.

When you are going out for your eggs if you want to figure out which type of eggs you should buy feel free to check out my article on what egg labels really mean.

Broccoli and Celery Frittata

, Broccoli And Celery Frittata With A Warm Salad

Broccoli And Celery Frittata With A Warm Salad

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  • Place oven rack at the highest setting. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees. Massage broccoli with melted butter, lemon juice, sea salt and black pepper. Spread evenly in single layer on baking sheet and roast until it starts to brown (15 min) then flip them over and cook for five more min.
  • Sweat the Celery: While Broccoli is roasting, sweat celery with salt, pepper, butter, and lemon juice in a pan over a low flame until translucent (10 min).
  • Frittata: Turn on the broiler. Heat skillet over a medium high flame. In a mixing bowl whisk the eggs, add in 2/3rds of the vegetables. Transfer mixture to the hot skillet. Cook on the stove-top until only the top of the eggs are runny and the bottoms are set. Place under the broiler until the top of the frittata starts to brown (4-5 min). Using a spatula remove the frittata onto a plate. Using a pizza cutter slice into 8 wedges.
  • Warm Salad: Warm up the left over broccoli and celery in the skillet, add muslin mix and saute until leaves just begin to wilt. Immediately turn off the flame and toss in dressing of choice. Quickly plate salad with a slice of frittata. Garnish with salt and a pinch of cayenne and lemon juice.


Equipment: Half Sheet Baking tray, Oven Safe 9 inch non stick skillet, whisk, mixing bowl, spatula or tongs, pizza cutter or sharp knife
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