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Does Cucumber and Pineapple Juice Cleanse the Colon?

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Does cucumber and pineapple juice cleanse the colon? If you’re feeling a bit backed up lately and you’re looking for natural ways to cleanse your colon you are in the right spot! In this post I’m going to go over why cucumber and pineapple helps cleanse the colon.

Vegetable juice being poured into a glass from a pitcher

We will also answer questions like:

  • Is Juicing or Blending pineapple and cucumber best for cleansing the colon?
  • How long does the pineapple and cucumber juice last?
  • What time of day is best to drink pineapple and cucumber to detox?
  • Which juicer is best?

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Pineapple and Cucumber Detox Juice Recipe

Looking to give your body a healthy reset? This pineapple and cucumber detox juice recipe is a delicious way to give your body a boost of essential nutrients while helping clean your colon and flush toxins away.

Cucumber and pineapple juice in a glass with sliced cucumber and cilantro garnish
Pineapple and Cucumber Juice
This pineapple and cucumber detox juice recipe is a delicious way to give your body a boost of essential nutrients while helping clean your colon and flush toxins away. 
Check out this recipe
Cucumber and pineapple juice in a glass with sliced cucumber and cilantro garnish

Which Juices Are Best For Colon Cleansing?

Dark Leafy Greens

Almost all naturally fruit and vegetable juices are great for colon cleansing. Although some are stronger cleansers than others. Generally speaking when it comes to vegetables, leafy greens are the most cleansing. The darker the green the plant is the more cleansing it is. Even though dark leafy greens are the best colon cleansers, you don’t want to drink to much of them.

Since dark greens are so effective they can cause gastro intestinal symptoms such as bloating, diarreah, nausea and even vomiting. If you drink too much of them. The more experience you have with colon cleansing, colonic irrigation and detoxifying the less likely you’ll have an adverse effect to drinking dark green juice.

The best way to do it is to drink only 3-4 ounces of green juice and to dilute the rest with a more gentle cleansing juice.

Some of the best dark leafy greens to juice are:

  • Lacinato Kale
  • Beet Greens
  • Swiss Chard
  • Kale
  • Parsley
  • Collard Greens

Apple Juice

Apple juice is another very effective juice to cleanse the colon. The fruit sugars in fruit are natural detoxifiers but apples also contain pectin. Pectin has a natural laxative effect. So drinking apple juice is almost like drinking laxative tea without the dangerous side effects.

Beet Juice

I’ve always noticed in my colonic practice that clients who drank beet greens and beet roots almost always had more effective colonics. And longer fuller bowel movements.

How Can I Cleanse My Colon Naturally?

This topic can occupy and entire blog let alone blog post. But the best way to cleanse the colon naturally is to stick with food combining principals and to hydrate the bowel with water and fruit and vegetable juices.

You can aid in cleansing by incorporating some gentle supplements like magnesium, prebiotics and probiotics.

Is Blending or Juicing Pineapple and Cucumber Best to Cleanse The Colon?

Both blending and juicing are ways to pre-digest pineapple andccumbe before consuming it. Predigesting does help take the job of breaking the food down away from your stomach so that it can focus on absorbing the benefits of the produce.

The difference between blending and juicing is that juicing extracts the water from the fiber of the plant while blending pulverizes the pulp and liquid in produce to form a semi solid liquid.

The less fiber in food the more quickly it can move through the intestine and get absorbed by the body. Because of this juicing is more effective for cleansing the colon then blending.

Juicing removes all of the digestive work for the body by removing the fiber so that the juice can simply flood the colon with fruit sugars, chlorophyll and water. This flooding causes the body’s dry waste to absorb the liquid which softens the stool and makes it easier for the body to eliminate.

What is the Best Time of Day to Drink Pineapple Cucumber To Detox

The best time of day to drink pineapple and cucumber juice to detox is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. That way the juice wont come into contact with any undigested food in the stomach or small intestine which would disrupt digestion an cause gas/bloating.

You also spend the night fasting and detoxifying so the body is primed for elimination first thing in the morning. Drinking juice in the morning will help encourage the body to get rid of all of the waste it accumulated over night.

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