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Are Apples Gluten Free?

Are apples gluten free? The quick answer is, yes. All apples in their natural state are gluten free unless they have been processed in some way that causes them to come into contact with another gluten containing ingredient.

are apples gluten free, Are Apples Gluten Free?

The question is no doubt, a pretty straight forward one, “Are apples gluten-free or not?” You would think that a straight forward answer would get the job done. And the answer is simple when we’re talking about fresh unprocessed apples.

You know, the apples that you pick straight off of the tree and polish on your pant leg before taking a big crisp juicy bite.

But this is the United States my friends. And us Americans aren’t happy to simply eat apples.

We want to turn these delicious treats into 1 million different types of products. From baked goods, trail mix, canned apples, apple sauce, dried apples, freeze-dried apples, candied apples and more. There are tons of products that aren’t necessarily gluten free.

While going through every single apple product in one blog post is nearly impossible (we would need an encyclopedia and a team of librarians for that).

I’m going to take you through the ABC’s of apples so you’ll know whether to take a bite, check the label or say no thank you to what ever apple indulgence you’re grappling with.

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Are Apples Gluten Free?

Absolutely, apples are naturally gluten-free. These delicious fruits, whether red, green, or golden, don’t contain gluten in their natural state. Gluten is a protein found in certain grains like wheat, barley, and rye, and apples come from an entirely different plant family.

So, you can enjoy your crisp apple slices or bite into that juicy apple without any concerns about gluten. However, it’s worth noting that if apples have been processed or packaged alongside gluten-containing products, there might be a risk of cross-contamination. Always check labels and be cautious if you have severe gluten sensitivity or celiac disease.

How Much Gluten is in An Apple?

A fresh apple that hasn’t been cooked or processed is 100% gluten free and has zero traces of gluten in it what so ever.

Gluten Free Apple Recipes

The best gluten free apple recipes you’ll find on the internet, just in time for the start of fall apple season.

Which Fruits are Gluten Free?

All fruits are naturally gluten free. And yes, I really do mean all of them. There is not one single fresh fruit that you can pick off of a shrub, tree or vine that has a single ounce of gluten protein in it.

If you’re getting fresh fruit from the produce section of your local supermarket, you’re safe.

So go nuts! Jump off of a fruity cliff into a pile of fruit and eat as much as your gluten-free heart desires. It’s hard enough having celiac, irritable bowel disease or a gluten intolerance as it is. At least we can eat as much fruit as we want.

Can Celiacs Eat All Fruits?

Yes people with celiac can eat all fresh fruit since all fresh fruit is naturally free from gluten.

Which Apple Products Have Gluten?

Americans really do love their apples. Especially in sauces, candies and baked goods!

Some apple products may contain gluten due to added ingredients or manufacturing processes. Here are a few common apple products that you should be cautious about:

  1. Pre-sliced apples (could be cross contaminated with trace amounts of gluten)
  2. Canned apples:
  3. Trail Mix with Dried Apples: Trail mix usually contains a lot of different types of nuts, crackers, chips, pretzels, chocolate and dried fruit. Check the label. Most apple granola will be gluten free more often then apple trail mix.
  4. Carmel Apples: The coating used to coat the apples may have gluten additives like flour.
  5. Baked Apples
  6. Apple Sauce: Most apple sauce is gluten free but some apples may have gluten in them that have been added as thickeners. Always check the ingredients!
  7. Apple Crisps or Cobblers: Are often made with gluten containing all purpose flour and oats. Oats are naturally gluten free but are often cross contaminated with gluten unless labeled otherwise.
  8. Apple Cider Donuts: Donuts made with all purpose flour will have gluten unless they’re labeled gluten free or homemade with gluten free flour.

Is Motts Apple Sauce Gluten Free?

Quick answer: Yes. All brands of Motts apple sauce (sugar-free included) are gluten-free.

What About Apple Drinks with Gluten?

  1. Apple-Flavored Alcoholic Drinks: Certain apple-flavored beers, ciders, or cocktails might contain gluten due to added flavorings, malt, or other ingredients. Look for gluten-free beverage options. Note that hard cider is always gluten free because it’s made through distillation instead of fermentation. Fermenting wheat doesn’t eliminate gluten.
  2. Smoothies: Apple flavored smoothies are usually an additive in smoothes and never account for the whole recipe. So make sure that the other ingredients in the smoothie you plan on enjoying is gluten free.
  3. Apple Juice: Plain apple juice is always considered gluten free.
  4. Apple Flavored Tea: Apple tea is always considered to be gluten free.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is a protein that naturally occurs in wheat, barley and rye that helps give it it’s shape. Gluten has a paste like texture that slows down digestion and causes down right allergic responses in people who have celiac disease.

What Food is High in Gluten?

Foods that are high in gluten are the ones with or derived from wheat. Gluten is only naturally present in wheat, barley and rye. So any products made from wheat barley and rye will have gluten. This also includes alcoholic beverages that are fermented from gluten.

There is no natural way to strip the gluten protein from the gluten molecule so the only way to eat gluten free is to avoid foods with barley wheat and rye.

Foods high in gluten include:

  • Cereal
  • Bread
  • Baked Goods
  • Pizza
  • Donuts
  • Pasta

What Foods are Surprisingly Not Gluten-Free?

Foods that are surprisingly not gluten free are processed foods that look gluten free but have sneaky gluten additives in them. One of these products is twizzlers. When I wrote the article, “Are twizzlers gluten free.” I was shocked to learn that they’re made with wheat!

Is Hard Cider Gluten Free?

Certain apple-flavored beers, ciders, or cocktails might contain gluten due to added flavorings, malt, or other ingredients. Look for gluten-free beverage options. Note that hard cider is always gluten free because it’s made through distillation instead of fermentation. Fermenting wheat doesn’t eliminate gluten.

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